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7 Nikodimou Mylona 3095, Limassol
Limassol (S. Cyprus)

+357 25 745 017

Reservations advised several days in advance, which proves the popularity of one of the best restaurants in Limassol: Ta Piatakia.

Ta Piatakia


Chef and owner of the Limassol based restaurant Ta Piatakia (Little Plates) Roddy Damalis has not only stirred up the culinary scene in Cyprus,  he also managed to become one of the island's most celebrated chefs. Ta Piatakia may be categorized as a Cypriot restaurant, but the menu is nothing like that of a local taverna, even though the ingredients are all local, traditional produce.
Ta Piatakia restaurant Limassol interior Ta Piatakia restaurant Limassol ingredients Ta Piatakia restaurant Limassol little plates
This Cyprus tripadvisor page is about Ta Piatakia in Limassol (S. Cyprus).